We believe that any business should look beyond the work they do and be conscious of the role they can play in their community and the impact they have on the environment. As well as our larger projects and involvements we are always keen to support local events, charities and interests, such as the Dawlish Carnival, The Air Show, Shaftsbury Theatre, Teign Hockey Club and Dawlish Art Group, to name but a few.

St Petrock's

We work closely with Exeter based charity St Petrock's in finding suitable tenancies for homeless or vulnerable people in our community. They provide emotional and financial support for those needing help getting back into a stable living arrangement and seeing the positive effect of their work has been richly rewarding for us and the landlords involved.


Whilst we are fully committed to recycling and using renewable resources we understand that through the consumption of energy in our office and the use of motor vehicles for our property appointments, we do have a negative impact on the environment. To compensate for this we purchase high quality Carbon Offsets from The CarbonNeutral Company. The CarbonNeutral Company provide a range of offsetting programmes around the world that not only balance the impacts of greenhouse gas emissions but also deliver a range of outstanding co-benefits to the people and the environment involved in their projects. The offsets we have purchased are delivered from renewable energy projects that support improved energy supplies, clean water services and habitat protection and enhancement.

Shared Lives

As well as supporting many other local events, charities and sports we are pleased to have Shared Lives South West as our designated company charity. They specialise in the provision of Shared Lives services and offer a range of long term, short break and day services for people with a learning disability, mental health needs, older people, people with dementia and parents with a learning disability Their goal is to create meaningful family experiences in homes across the county, which is in sync with our aims as a letting agent.